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So I know that I haven’t posted in forever but instead I have been working on a sneaky project on you tube! Here’s a sneak peek but go onto my channel to find out more – my name is MixtapeMode

Keep checking for some new updates coming soon.

My Ugly Posting Habits

Hey people, sorry I haven’t kept you all updated went back to school on monday and am so with the homework! This means I wont be able to post until friday or saturday sadly but I will try my best in the future


Camden Market

Yes it’s back to fashion finally with a special installment on the fabulous Camden Market. This place is perfect for post christmas buys because your looking for that special something that you are missing from your pile of pressies for a really nice price. This place is actually great for anything you want to do but I especially like it because it has great things to buy for great prices. One of my relatives kindly went into the market for me and took some really nice pictures of the things that I think are brilliant buys.

Lets start off with some cool compacts. We bought two of these into a different store for a prices £5.00 each and how we wish that we had waited to go to Camden Market, with the same mirrors at a sane price. Compact mirrors – £1.99














We don’t know the price of these things but they are soo cool! They twist and turn and glimmer in the sun and we just can’t get enough of them. Go into Camden Market and discover them for yourself they are totally a must have for an up to date bedroom.

Last of all these awesome friendship bracelets!! They are so in at the moment, have you noticed all the people with the nice bracelets all the way up their arms?

Florence Welch Tributes To Her “Soulmate”

Just last night at the DH1 Divas concert in new york we were yet again reminded of the gaping hole Amy Winehouse left behind her in music. Florence Welch, from Florence and the machine paid tribute to the singer. She sang a shortened version of Back To Black as the finale of the show and to introduce the finale Nas said, “It doesn’t matter where she was from what colour her skin was, Amy Winehouse was my true soul sister”. How touching. Doesn’t seem like she would say that and mean it. We don’t think that these two girls had a friendship to begin with, god we hate those people who make up lies for their own good.

Florence looking good heading into the VH1 Diva Shows.

Unfortunately the video of her performing this has been taken off youtube and the one that I would really like to show you all cannot be embedded so click on this link to see a snippet of Florence’s performance of back to black. (You need to go to 0:30  to get to Florence’s part)

Ziggy Stardust Returns

Its been forever since David Bowie last released and album (8 Years!!) and we are die-ing for some new news on him. So when we discovered that a lost piece of footage from Bowie had been discovered we got excited. Bowie had performed in a top of the pops and had sung the Jean Genie, an old classic to us now. This footage had been lost and possibly destroyed until a retired cameraman [John Henshall] brought a new never seen before copy of the top of the pops episode. The four minute long video has been broadcasted in the Top of The Pops – Christmas Special and can be seen on iPlayer for all of you people who dared to miss it. An amazing glimpse back into the past of the great David Bowie.

Don’t we all prefer our dads generation???

Five a day

Who would have thought that someone could really wear five outfits in one day? Well that’s what Kate Middleton is expected to wear on Christmas day with the royals! Its no wonder that she has been spotted shopping in all the good shops in the high street recently like Zara and LK Bennet looking for the perfect outfits. However we are sure that she is going to have no trouble with this task, she has demonstrated her wonderful eye for fashion every time she has gone out into public, particularly recently when she visited a homeless shelter wearing a Ralph Lauren number, this totally hit the spot with us.

Looking great heading into the homeless shelter, definitely showing that she has style and can dress well for any occasion.

So what will these five outfits be needed for on Christmas day? Jean Broke-Smith told the Grazia magazine that Kate will need a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit – and a hat – for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal. WOW that’s a hell of a lot to be buying for Sunday! So don’t forget the golden rule Kate.. nothing to short, nothing to gaudy and definitely nothing to revealing.

Apparently Kate has picked up a black sheath dress and two cashmere cardigans and for some more formal looks she is said to have ordered two evening dresses from Alexander McQueen. Gosh this brand really is turning into a favourite for Kate, isn’t it?

Putting that to the side, what on earth is Kate going to buy the Queen for a Christmas present??? Lets wait and find out.

Vogue and Adele

Ok we know… Almost all our music posts have been about Adele. But she’s had so much going on at the moment we are desperate to keep you informed about her! Besides this post is related to Vogue. Which has got to be the best fashion magazine ever to have been created. And guess who’s going to be gracing the cover of the US Vogue’s spring cover? Yes you guessed it is going to be the curvaceous singer Adele. This seems to be a hopeful gesture, a plus sized girl has not been shown on the cover of a vogue since 2007. The editor Anna Wintour was said to be ordering her fashion staff to be finding some suitable outfits for the size 16 Adele to wear, lets hope vogue showcases her amazing figure instead of airbrushing and cropping to just her face and shoulders, like the previous UK version this year. This is going to show that the fuller figure sells just as well as the stick thin models and celebrities, we are getting sick of that, seriously we want some change we can’t all be like that! Well, best of luck to Adele, and lets get moving towards the return of the normal sized models.

Skin Care Musts

Channukah has finally begun and I have received three presents already * squeal*!! The one I got today is a total must have for all those people out there who like me need to take care of their skin or spots will plague them. My daily essentials are…

Johnson’s nourishing cleansing lotion. This thing actually works miracles, I was red all over when I started using this wash but after only a day of twice a day use my skin was already smooth as a baby’s with no trace of redness. This make is made especially for the people who have easily irritated skin like me so don’t be afraid to lather it on, it hasn’t harmed anyone I know. Just remember this one is to be applied with a cotton pad not by hand and not when your skin is wet.

And how can any-one live without some exfoliator?! Every two weeks you need to remove all the excess dry skin that refuses to leave your face clogging everything up and making your skin dry and crusty. I suggest the new boots range – The Power of Plants Botanics.  All the ingredients are organic which helps reduce effects on the environment, a good outcome on all sides, what’s not to like? This exfoliator is one of the best I have ever used, a must have for everyone out there.

Don’t you ever forget a moisturiser. This is the one thing no person can live with-out, your skin would be loose and dry if you didn’t use it! Again I have gone back to my favourite brand at the moment, Johnson’s. But it really is probably the best brand out there for skin care! This moisturiser is in a nice large bottle that lasts me for yonks, and again it is kind to sensitive skin, I have tried so many moisturisers that have made me break out that I know this is the one to be used.

The last thing that I use is a face mask. This one is also from Boots – The Power of Plants Botanics. It a clay face mask, clay ones are good for oily skin that easily breaks out so this mask is really perfect for me. The mask stays on your face for 10 minutes and then you have to wash it off. The only downfall to this product is that it takes almost five washes for it to properly leave the skin however after ten minutes your skin will feel smoother and tighter, a perfect recipe to look after your skin.

So get going to the shops and buy these FANTASTIC products that will start your skin on its way to recovery and beyond.

Nail Varnish Must Haves

I honestly don’t know I would find a way to live without accessories, and that includes nail polish. Nail polish is a total must have for any girl – but where to buy some really good quality varnish? I’ve tried and tested practically all the brands of nail polish you can think off and have encountered some seriously crappy brands but in consideration have found some excellent ones as well. We think that these nail varnishes are total must haves with the coolest colours and the best value:

This one is accessorize mermaid £4. This is a picture of the polish after one week’s wear with only small damage to the tips of the nail. The varnish was applied in two coats and was finished with an over coat to hold it. This varnish catches the light beautifully inside creating almost a two tone texture. The only criticism to be said is that the brush size is not large and it takes a few strokes to coat the nail. however nothing bad about the nail polish itself!

 Lets not forget the big brand name of nail varnish OPI. This brand specialises in salon quality nail varnish, and lives up to all expectations of mine. This particular colour is called chick flick cherry, a wild red colour with NO hint of orange or any other colour mixed in there. Just pure dark red. Application is just two coats no more and that is  perfect, it takes wear and  tear and is perfect for every day or a luxury night out.

Last one here and this one is truly impressive. Barry M crackle nail polish, which I am so totally in love with and can’t get enough of! Have fun shopping for your new nail varnishes.

The Silver Factory

The one thing that every person needs – a black and white graphic tee, but it’s so hard to find a good brand. Thats why when I discovered the new irish t-shirt company, the silver factory I spent forever lusting over their collection. They may only have five t-shirts on sale but to be honest who would even debate not buying them all? There is not one t-shirt that I dislike in the collection and I look forward to seeing what else this young designer comes up with in the future.

We recommend tearing off the sleeves like some-one we know to make the tee something new and creative (not like it isn’t to begin with!)